How can i measure the success of my publicity strategies?

Marketing can do more than boost sales, but sales numbers often determine how effective it is. Linking the right data and results to different campaigns can demonstrate ROI and influence or lack of them. Marketing leaders can do this by looking at historical benchmarks and other metrics. However, since campaigns can have an immediate and long-term impact, leaders should also include customer loyalty and changes of opinion in their final analysis.

Return on investment (ROI) is a narrative that explains how your investment in marketing is working for your company. A company doesn't have time or money to waste, so it's imperative to confirm that the dollars your company invests in marketing work. The best way to measure audience feedback is to make sure you promote your content; in other words, the follower growth rate is another important brand metric for marketers, since it details how many consumers have a favorable view of your brand. To calculate it, divide the number of followers you gained in a given period of time by the number of followers that existed at the beginning of the time period.

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