What types of metrics should i track for measuring the success of my publicity strategies?

When it comes to content marketing, you might be surprised to learn that 88 percent of B2B marketers use the process every day, and another 76 percent plan to do so in the future. Currently, social networks are becoming one of the main platforms on which online users communicate, so it shouldn't surprise us to discover that it's important to keep track of what you share on social networks. Perhaps you can consider Buffer and Brand24 as a way to monitor your social activity on all platforms. A tool like BuzzSumo can help you identify which topics and articles are most shared.

For a website to have a constant influx of traffic, you need to know more about this traffic. What is your main source of traffic? Could improvements be made in relation to content marketing? Knowing where your traffic comes from and what type of content generates the most views can mean that you can make modifications if necessary. Once again, there are a number of tools that can be used to help you see your traffic and sources. Google Analytics could be the optimal choice for most of you, as it has proven to provide the most accurate data in relation to traffic sources, user behavior, and acquisitions.

Regardless of what they tell you, backlinks are more important today than ever. Although the practice of how backlinks are obtained and validated has changed, strong backlinks will continue to be useful from an SEO point of view. Therefore, you should analyze what types of sites link to you and how you can ensure that your content is worth citing in the future. Many companies measure the success of a marketing campaign based on potential customers.

Our most successful campaigns generate a low number of leads, but a high percentage of qualified leads. We have a member of the team who analyzes the potential customers that come to our website and determines if they are of high quality or not. Then, you contact those people on an individual basis instead of just leaving them in an email campaign. One of the key metrics for determining the success of the campaign is to identify the cost per potential customer.

Some marketers believe that all tactics can be successful if you invest enough money in them. Avoid this mentality by actively measuring CPL and ensuring that underperforming marketing channels are eliminated or reviewed. This helps keep the overall CPL in line with expectations and with what the company can handle. Marketing metrics are what marketers use to monitor, record and measure progress over time.

The metrics themselves are varied and can change from platform to platform. Marketers should focus on their objectives and choose the metrics that will track their successes and failures. While there are a lot of operational metrics you can track, you should focus on what really matters for each campaign.

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